Integrix Solutions

Sm@rtline Data Cockpit

A middleware for central device data handling in production, development, and research. In use at the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Close the gap

SDC provides standardized, flexible interfaces between your critical manufacturing systems (ERP, LIMS, MES, and DCS) to deliver calculated and evaluated data, greatly simplifying the integration of these systems.

Increase your knowledge

SDC automates the data recording and storage on a centralized SDC server to enable faster and easier data analysis and the formation of your Golden Batch dataset.

Improve your quality

Our SDC technology ensures data reliability, traceability, and transparency and thereby enables you to implement PAT/QbD to ensure consistent product quality through improved measurements and process understanding.

Reduce your costs

SDC incorporates validated interfaces, resulting in lower overall costs for implementation; overall costs are optimized through improved data quality, streamlined production, and increased yields.

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